Veterans are in Support of Cannabis Legalization

A new survey shows that veterans not only support cannabis legalization, but they do so overwhelmingly so. Although obviously, the poll didn’t get to every veteran, the American Legion is sure it represents the majority of veterans.

The topic of the survey in question was cannabis legalization and it surveyed over 1,360 military veterans. The results showed that a whopping 82 percent of veterans are pro-legalization. 92 percent said they would like to see more research into the plants medical potential.

With the states shrugging off federal authority and legalizing weed on their own, it might seem unimportant that republicans increasingly support legalization (image via Brookings Institution)

Other survey findings show that veterans are already using cannabis to treat medical issues, both mental and physical. About one and five said they use cannabis as a medical treatment. Furthermore, the American Legion states that most of the veterans who are pro-cannabis are over the age of 60.

Survey Shows Overwhelming Support for Cannabis Legalization

Veterans have weighed in on cannabis legalization before. Over the course of the summer, the American Legion pushed the federal government to lift the ban on medical bud and veterans. The bill in question is controversial already with research indicating the medical benefits of cannabis could greatly help veterans.

Thus, many suggest the federal government needs to make changes in order to better support our veterans. While they claim they do support our countries veterans, they are actively preventing them from having reliable access to a natural medicine. Additionally, the federal government continues to press the opioid abuse epidemic while also ignoring solid research that proves that cannabis legalization could be an asset in solving that problem.

Cannabis legalization has been a long time coming, and it appears that our veterans are in full agreeance on this.