Virginia Man Arrested After Arranging to Pick Up 9 Pounds of Marijuana

A Virginia man arranged to pick up 9 pounds of marijuana delivered to an address in Washington, D.C., but it had already been handed over to police, according to a report.

A FedEx box of eight vacuum-sealed packages of marijuana arrived at a community art space in southwest D.C. Friday, according to the police report. It was addressed to a community farm that operates out of the location. However, no one was expecting the marijuana, so it was handed over to police. Little did they know, a Virginia man was waiting for a shipment.

A man who said his name was “Jay Green” called the main number at the art establishment Friday evening asking about the package. He was told they didn’t know if it had been delivered but would check the next day.

“Jay Green” called back Saturday and was told he could go to the address and pick up the package, police said. Police then called his cellphone to arrange the pickup.

Virginia man facing charges for marijuana
Jay Green was met by police with decoy after 9 packages of weed were handed over to police. via NBC

Jacob Greenbaum, of Leesburg, Virginia, went to the building to get the package. He was met by an undercover officer with a decoy package, police said. After exchanging greetings with Greenbaum, the officer went to his car to get the decoy. This was then exchanged between parties.

After Greenbaum put the decoy in the back of his car and started to leave. Then police stopped and arrested him. Greenbaum had more than $700, and a crumpled vacuum bag inside of his car. Similarly, recognizable to those in the FedEx package with a green leafy substance.

Greenbaum is charged with felony possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

The Metropolitan Police Department announced the confiscation of the drugs with an interesting tweet saying,

“Anyone misplace 9 lbs of weed over the weekend? Feel free to stop by #DCPolice headquarters…we’d be happy to chat.”