Washington’s Last Known Marijuana Trade Raided in Pierce County

Washington’s last known medical marijuana exchange has been raided in Pierce County.

On Sunday, officers attacked the last known medical marijuana trade in the state, in search of proof of illegal drug activity.

The Pierce County Sheriff, Tacoma Police and the Liquor and Cannabis Board spent eight hours at the location. A representative at the Patient Cannabis Exchange on Sunday stated that the police,

“took everybody’s meds, even the patients’ and refused to give it back to them, even if they paid for it.”

Jay Macneal works as a security guard at the location and was temporarily held back by police. He states that as the door security guard, he ensures that only people allowed inside are patients who had to show their prescription, and who are Washington state residents.

The exchange has operated in a grey area of the law that allows medical marijuana users, with a doctor’s prescription, to hand over their right to grow marijuana to a designated person.

State’s last known medical marijuana exchange raided in Pierce County. via KOMO News

The owner of the Patient Cannabis Exchange is adamant nothing illegal was going on.



of the Patient Cannabis Exchange, Makaveli de la Cruz, stated nothing illegal is occurring. He is completely confused because they are a private patient-only facility. Cruz says,

 “We’ve been operating over five years, and never received a cease and desist order.”

Witnesses of the raid corroborated the story of McNeal stating that the officers requested the identification proof of everyone and arrested those with outstanding warrants. In addition, confiscated all marijuana and money.

Miguel Miggy, a blogger that writes under the alias Miggy420, stated that he believes that this incident was a way for the Liquor Control Board to demonstrate their superiority.

“I partially think it was the LCB flexing their muscle and taking inventory ON what’s going on .”

He went on to say that he thinks the attack on Patient Cannabis Exchange is a way for LCB to attempt to control medical exchanges. Many attempts to contact the spokespeople of LCB have been unproductive.