Weed as an Aphrodisiac Get Skunky Before You Get Funky

Weed as an Aphrodisiac Get Skunky Before You Get Funky

We’ve all known it to be true: weed is a magnificent sexual enhancer. Right now, science is starting to confirm that smoking cannabis truly leads to more sex due to higher sex drives. Let’s examine weed as an aphrodisiac.

A recent report on weed as an aphrodisiac was composed by scientists at Italian and Czech colleges. They investigated information gathered in the 1980s and discovered that generally, 50% of all clients encountered increased sex drives when smoking weed. Additionally, roughly 70% of subjects guaranteed that cannabis upgraded their sexual fulfillment. These results are staggering and seem to confirm weed as an aphrodisiac.

This information supplements an alternate report from only a year earlier that found millennials who use weed routinely claim to engage in sexual relations more regularly than non-users. But cannabis is not just making you hornier, it making sex better as we will see later on.

marijuana for sex
Marijuana has been known to improve the quality of sex for many people (image via High times)

Be that as it may, what’s the logical clarification for this? While more research still should be conducted for a definitive answer, these early studies yield promising results. Scientists have attributed weed as an aphrodisiac to its effect on a certain brain chemical. Recent studies have shown that THC reproduces a fairly common neuro-compound in our brains called anandamide. This is thought to be the causal link between weed and better sex.

Now that we have found a scientific precedent for weed and better sex, let’s look at some of the specific ways that weed as an aphrodisiac can improve your sex life.

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It Helps You Climax

A considerable amount of women experience difficulty reaching climax. Truth be told, around 1 of every 3 ladies think that its exceptionally hard to climax amid sex.

Fortunately, weed can help you out here. A recent study has demonstrated that cannabis can help women orgasm. There are a couple of factors at play here, but one of the most significant is weed’s ability to relax, increase comfort, and help you live in the moment. Who would have known that weed as an aphrodisiac could have such effective side effects?

It Increases Stamina

Cannabis for sex
Marijuana can help you last longer in bed (image via The Fresh Toast)

Who wouldn’t like to last longer in bed? You can turn into the superman of sex when you bring weed into the mix. As indicated by an study, 75% of members announced an expansion in the length of their sexual experiences when they smoked weed in advance.

So as it turns out, weed as an aphrodisiac is not only helping people have more sex, and better sex, it’s helping people have longer sex.

It Improves Orgasms

weed for orgasm
Cannabis can help you have better orgasm (image via Kulture Hub)

You know what is better than reaching climax? A super extreme, life changing climax. Pot has the ability to make your orgasmic encounter unfathomably amazing. There are a number of factors at play here that result in weed as an aphrodisiac improving orgasm quality. A few of these are increased sensitivity, and greater relaxation and comfort.

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