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Cannabis legalization is changing just about everything. Knowing your rights, where to buy legally and what to expect is not easy to keep up to date with. But we can help!

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Your Home for Weed Legalization News

11 Things to expect after Canadian Senate approves the Cannabis Act

Staying knowledgeable about all things legalization is essential. New weed legalization news is continuously emerging and sometimes you can miss out on the updates. This article from The Puff Puff Post gets into the nitty-gritty of Canada’s cannabis policy for the future. It also serves as a great starting point to learn about the process of how The Cannabis Act came to be. If you’re looking for an opportunity to broaden your cannabis horizons and without overwhelming yourself this is an excellent read.

“Despite Canada legalizing medical marijuana as far as 2001, medical marijuana patients will continue to pay what they call as the “sin tax.”

What Will Marijuana Legalization Look Like in Quebec?

Unless you’re a Canadian citizen, it’s a safe assumption that you know very little about the cultural differences between the majority of Canada and the province of Quebec. These differences have manifested into a distinct, and intriguing stance on cannabis legalization in the francophone province. This article provides an in-depth look into Quebec’s plans for its state-owned and operated marijuana economy, taking into consideration the good the bad and the ludicrous.

“Quebec is set to have all the infrastructure needed for a cannabis economy set up and ready to go by September 1. This will enable the province to hit the ground running come federal legalization, October 17.”

Cannabis Laws Across The CANZUK

Commonwealth nations such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain share a common political and cultural heritage. The push for weed legalization news has been on the rise in all these nations. For that reason, this article was created to keep people safe and informed until cannabis is legal federally. Who is the most permissive? Who is the most regressive? This article tells you all you need to know about the fight for cannabis rights in the former British Settler Colonies.

“Among other things, the CANZUK organization strives for much greater freedom of work, travel, and residency across these four countries.”

4 States out of 13 bordering Canada allow recreational use of marijuana

Are you a traveler? Or maybe you work within the States? Either way, knowing your rights and following the law are essential to safer travel… Especially for cannabis users. It may come as no surprise that Canada is expecting a major boom from the US citizens looking to cross the border. This article will dive deep into how the legalization of marijuana interacts with the Canada US border. From border police to contraband this article is your source for all thing travel and weed.

“These states include Washington, which in 2012 became the first US state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, Maine, Alaska, and Vermont.”

Racist Policing Persists Despite Cannabis Legalization

With legalization, a fight has begun for the rights of those who were criminalized for cannabis. For years racist policies became a way to incriminate the black, latino, Asian and aboriginal peoples. Even as the plant itself gains legal status, many racist policies remain a pertinent issue. This article will highlight and bring awareness to the discriminatory policing that continues and may continue come October 17th.

“Reckoning with cannabis use in America is not as simple as legalizing it. Not when racial biases within us. Deep as the marrow. Inflect our every experience with it, in industry, incarceration and elsewhere.”