What exactly is the Global Marijuana March? How Important is it?

What exactly is the Global Marijuana March?

You might’ve seen it on the news or on your Facebook feed – the Global Marijuana March is a worldwide event without any strict guidelines. Over 800 cities in 72+ counties have had their own iterations of the march held, all with the same purpose in mind.

As protests and marches have developed a negative connotation to them in recent times, the Global Marijuana March often has a different tone attached to it.

Frequently referred to as the Million Marijuana March/MMM, World Cannabis Day, Cannabis Liberation Day, Ganja Day and others, it has become a significant part of cannabis culture to this day. Let’s find out what really kick-started the movement and what exactly goes on during a Global Marijuana March.

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What Happens at a Global Marijuana March?

Aside from some expected walking, each cities’ march may end up sparking up a unique theme. While some rallies have a political topic involved, requesting official statements or considerations about current legislation, others have a theme of celebration with merchandise, games, competitions and other activities being available.

In the 2016 march in Toronto, Canada, Marc Emery, AKA “The Prince of Pot” described the event as “celebrating the freedoms that we have, and the freedoms we’re going to get in the very near future.” He also noted that it has become more of a celebration rather than a protest.

“The Global Marijuana March… celebrating the freedoms that we have, and the freedoms we’re going to get in the very near future.”
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Where Did it all Start and Who’s Taking Part?

Global weed march
A diverse group of people from many walks of life take place in the weed march

The first ‘official’ march was held on May 1st, 1999. With over 31 cities spanning 12 different countries, hundreds upon thousands of people took to the streets in support of their favorite plant. Bankers, lawyers, retail staff, young adults and other people from all walks of life banded together to share information, culture, education and take part in other cannabis-themed events.

The organizer of the 2016 Toronto Freedom Festival, Gabe Simms, related the event to a celebration of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

“People here are from all walks of life… and whether they be lawyers or students, in some cases youth, they all at the end of the day believe Canada has to make some changes regarding the prohibition and the difficulty for sick people to have access to medical marijuana.”

Now, hundreds of different cities spread among multiple nations host an array of Global Marijuana March inspired events. The Global Marijuana March in Buenos Aires saw over 100,000 people take to the streets, with even more popping up in other parts of Argentina. High numbers in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Australia and other parts of the globe see the influence making a significant mark.

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What Kind of Effect Has the Global Marijuana March Had?

pride parade weed
While the Global Cannabis March is dwarfed by events like pride, it has still has had a massive impact on awareness for cannabis rights

From just the first year in 1999, top name news networks covered and mentioned the event, further developing exposure for the global marijuana march and continuing the momentum. While numerous events across the world have drawn crowds of over 20,000 people, they don’t come close in numbers to other events and rallies like the Pride Parade. However, it’s undeniable the Global Marijuana March has had a notable effect on the social view of cannabis.

With a bunch of new states and even whole countries set to fully legalize cannabis, the momentum just grows stronger and stronger.

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