Cannabis Wax: For a Potent, Cost-Effective High

When it comes to getting your daily dose of THC, you should consider adding cannabis wax to your menu.

Cannabis wax is a cannabis concentrate that is vaped, though it can also be mixed with your weed. Wax is also known as dab, because of its association with dabbing. It is extremely potent and cost-effective. Gram-for-gram it has the THC of 10-15 joints, and more cost-effective than cannabis oil.

One note before we continue is that cannabis wax is extremely potent and should be used with caution. Like many things in life, moderation is key when consuming or inhaling cannabis concentrates.

With that out of the way – what is cannabis wax, and why is it so wonderful?

What is Cannabis Wax?

Along with cannabis oil, wax is a concentrate of the cannabis plant. Labs use extraction processes to separate the psychoactive components of weed from the terpenes and other plant materials. Cannabis wax is a type of butane hash oil (BHO) and comes in different forms:

  • Budder/Badder is a gooey form of wax that resembles jelly. It is produced by pouring the cannabis extract into Pyrex and whipping it over heat.
  • Crumble/Honeycomb wax is a solidified, flaky form of budder.
  • Shatter is a clear, crystalline form of cannabis wax. Resembles hard candy.
  • Pull and Snap is a wax with a stretchy, taffy-like consistency.

While butane is something you might suspect doesn’t belong in your lungs, the process leaves only residual traces. Colorado’s Alan Shackelford, MD, suggested on High Times that at worst it might be a minor irritant in the lungs.

Cannabis wax contains around 90 percent THC. For those who want the benefits of CBD without the high, there are also CBD wax varieties available with no THC present.

Cannabis wax can be bought on its own and mixed with weed in a joint or bong. Vaping is the answer for those who want to avoid the carcinogens of smoking and avoid the intensity of dabbing.

Wax vape pens can be used to vape the raw wax in a reusable wax cartridge chamber. Unlike dabbing equipment, vape pens are portable, discrete and easy to use.

Buying cannabis wax may be more expensive than buying weed pound for pound, but its potency means you will use a lot less. Of course, cannabis oil is another popular vaping option.

So why might you choose cannabis wax over oil?

The Difference Between Vaping Cannabis Oil vs. Cannabis Wax

The main difference between cannabis oil and cannabis wax is the potency. Some cannabis oils approach 90% THC, but you can buy oils that are much less potent. This makes oil a good choice for vape beginners who may not be ready for the intensity of cannabis wax.

When it comes to price between cannabis wax vs. cannabis oil, wax wins over a high potency oil in value. This is particularly true of pre-filled oil cartridges as you end up paying for the convenience.

Connoisseurs will also tell you that cannabis wax has the best flavor profile out of all the concentrates.

Other than those factors, it really comes down to preference.

Now for the hardware. It is worth doing your research into different vape pens to ensure you are getting a high-quality product.

Cannabis Wax Cartridges and Vape Pens

The benefit of wax pens (also known as dab pens) over dabbing is you have precise control over how much vapor you inhale. You don’t want to green out when you’re just getting started!

Not all THC vape pens are made the same, and you should always look for a pen with a large number of positive user reviews. If you are unsure if you want to go wax or oil, there are pens available with interchangeable parts to allow for both. This is a great place to start, but those who love their wax should ultimately buy a wax-specific pen for the best experience.

In terms of the type of wax used (budder vs. crumble vs. shatter vs. snap and pull) be sure to consult the guidelines for the vape pen used.

Wax pens heat the wax by using one of two types of wax atomizers, both with different benefits:

Coil Atomizer:

  • A metal coil wrapped around a quartz or ceramic rod.
  • Wax is placed directly on the coil.
  • Heats up quickly and provides a high volume of vapor.
  • Delivers moderate flavor from the wax.

Ceramic Atomizer:

  • A ceramic basin that heats up more slowly.
  • Wax is placed directly on the basin.
  • Provides more flavor but less intensity.
  • Great for beginners or those who prefer smaller hits.

You need to regularly clean your atomizer to ensure your wax pen lasts a long time. A gunked up atomizer will result in a burnt flavor, harsh hits and lowered draw ability. No atomizer lasts forever though, and you will need to replace them eventually.

The Cannabis Concentrate Revolution

Dabbing, vaping, edibles – the cannabis concentrate revolution is upon us. All the benefits of cannabis with none of the nasty carcinogens. While wax is this writer’s go-to concentrate, it is worth exploring the entire range of options to experience what works best for you.

One final note – do NOT try making your own cannabis wax at home. Butane is a highly explosive substance and there are plenty of high-profile news stories about illegal manufacturers whose attempts literally blew up in their face.

Instead, visit your nearest local dispensary and inquire about their various waxes and which is right for you.

Are you a regular consumer of cannabis wax? How would you describe your experience with wax versus other concentrates? Let us know in the comments below.