Whats the Deal with Cannabis Shake?

Shake and Using it

What is it with people not liking shake? Do you even know what it is?

Why do so many people get bothered or feel ripped off when they get their cannabis and there is a decent amount of bud, but there is also a decent amount of scraps in the bag. Well, I’m here to tell you, you aren’t missing out, and you didn’t make a bad purchase.

Usually looking like less than attractive pieces of bud, ground up and dusty, these leftovers carry the term – Shake. For some reason this is what sets people off, it doesn’t look good. As we all know though, it’s still cannabis and it’s completely smokable and still giving a great effect. Other benefits to having shake is that you can cook with it to make oils and edibles and it’s incredibly easy to fill a bunch of joints with. So next time you look at your bag of weed and see some shake, don’t worry, just be happy.

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