Widowed Attorney Blasts Barbados Medical Association’s Hypocrisy Over Marijuana

Attorney Douglas Trotman has criticized Barbados government’s “hypocrisy” over medical marijuana.

Trotman was not shy when he accused the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners (BAMP) of dragging their feet on medical marijuana

He made the accusation Wednesday night at a BAMP forum on medical marijuana.

Trotman said for two years he and his wife Kathy-Anne, who past away from breast cancer in April, had battled to acquire a license for medical cannabis. While he eventually attained the license, the attorney said it was the cowardice of some in the medical field that didn’t allow for his wife to attain the medicine.

Kathy-Anne’s medical marijuana, prescribed by a Canadian doctor, was meant to be used as a painkiller rather than a treatment for her sickness.

Attorneys Douglas Trotman and wife Kathy-Anne Trotman, who died from breast cancer (Image via PressReader)

Trotman also accused practitioners of their late support of medical marijuana merely for the economic benefit instead of the medical aspect.

“What is happening now, everybody is jumping on the bandwagon because it’s an opportunity to make some money, maybe start a new direction in your practice but I am not going to sit and watch you fool people, that ain’t happening.”

Trotman went on to explain that marijuana has been legal in Barbados since 1191 and he has the proof.

“Marijuana is legal and I have the evidence to prove,”