Winnipeg Producer to Bring Nano Cannabis Right Into The Bloodstream

A Winnipeg-based producer has partnered with a US tech company to bring nano cannabis right into the bloodstream.

Winnipeg’s Delta 9 has worked with NanoSphere Health Sciences to produce a nano cannabis product that’s not for smoking or ingesting to the Canadian market.

“What we are able to do is to take the exact cannabinoid out of the cannabis plant and put it in a nano gel so they are able to prescribe that dosages and that amount,” Dr. Richard Kaufman, Chief Science Officer at NanoSphere, said.

Besides its gel form, the products can also be taken orally or nasally.

Doctors have long said that there is an issue with cannabis products not keeping a uniform and standardized dosages of THC. But this new technology will help patients keep their dosages standardized.

Delta 9 will have the right to own this technology in Canada, City News reported, adding that the company is planning on subletting to other producers.